Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What is DOTA?

Dota is (Defense of the Ancients) for Warcraft custom map which is all about killing hero and the player's egoism.The word 'noob' and 'gangbang' gains its popularity in a very short period thanks to DOTA and now even a 7 years old kid who play DOTA can speak perfect English.

Noob in a more familiar term is newbie.Players that often killed and die the most in the game will be label as noob by egoistic players. And the LAN game match turn into real fist fighting outside the Cyber Cafe for some players.Even friends become real enemy due to DOTA.

This shit has being going among friend's outing.It's true.No DOTA no life.Read the below which is a real conversation;

An Du Lu : Let's go to clubbing tonite ya?
Chew pei : Not interested, why dont we DOTA?
An DU Lu : I dont want DOTA,im sick of it!You organize it and look for kaki
Chew pei : Up to you.

Before the game starts in CC,AN DU LU will call Chew pei and say he is coming for DOTA.See my point?_______________________________________________________________________

Another conversation;

Chew pei : Eh,jesse...Lampar lim ask for dota.
Jesse : Stop using the same trick again!You want to dota just say it.Don't
use others name.
Chew pei : Come or not,up to you.
Jesse : Oklar,i come.

So Jesse called An Du Lu.

Jesse : Eh,Lampar Lim ask for dota but i know Chew pei ask wan.Come
Dota lar!
An Du Lu : Cannot lar,i need to fetch mom later.Cannot make it.But nevermind
lar,I see u all friends,so i come dota.But i play a while only ar

The game drags on for long.An Du Lu needs to bluff his way out because he was late.

An du lu : Please dont tell my mom i went dota with you guys
Jesse : I know what to do geh lar,I will say traffic jam around KL.

It is even worst when Chew Pei need to cheat on his client and superior that he was with another client.All this while, he was with us playing DOTA.

Jesse : Eh come dota lar.
Lampar Lim: Cannot lar im having dinner with my superior,but i will try my
best to come.I want dota actually.Too bad,i have to be with my

Lampar lim came for Dota and he was drunk.He still managed to play it but end up vomiting on the CC's keyboard.

No dota no life.Frankly speaking, we are all noobs trying to be pro players.Fingers pointing,blamings,teasing and flamings are normal for us.

Chew pei always self-claim he is the best player.He is the LICH KING and AKASHA QUEEN.As always, the team lost the game due to his egoism.

This is dota

a friend so furious playing dota

he is too into a game and he turns into a hero character for DOTA

Can you see now the power of DoTa?


Ken Chew

Stop it ...Im not into dota anymore


damn, since when i vomit into the cc'c keyboard. I only vomit into the cc'c toilet. kaka. Akasha chew. The chew lich king. kakakakaka

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