Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Penang Trip Part 2

Wednesday, September 19, 2007
So, after a not-so-satisfied breakfast at Bidor, we continue our journey to Penang.

Zoom-zoom...finally broke something...kekekeke...(kids, dont try this at home)

The very first eye-washing when we reached Penang Komtar. Dealt with some stuffs nearby Komtar and it's already 3pm. So, we head to

Gurney Plaza!!!!!!!!! Go Penang, must go Gurney Plaza. If not, like never been there....Lol.

It only took us 10 minutes to reach Gurney from Komtar with the help of GPS! Very very useful.

But to our surprise, Penang have

CHILIS!!!!!!! Yes...we coudln't believe our eyes. Since the time is around 3.30pm, we don't know where to eat, so this is where we landed.

We ordered the usual Bottomless fruit juices...

and started with the Bowl of Beef Queso...
Frankie had the Beef Bacon Burger - Well Done

Jesse had this Monetery Chicken Sandwich

Kian had the Cajun Chicken Sandwich

i have the Beef Bacon burger - medium well.
So, while having our lunch at Chilis,I'm also waiting for a few Shouters/bloggers from Penang to meet up.
There they are, Willazz, Cedric and Chee Hsien. It's nice of em to come around and meet up. However, it's a short meetup as everyone have their own plans that day, and Penang was raining non stop for the whole day.

What else did we do at Penang? Check it out tomorrow.



too bad la..
i didn't know that you came to Penang. I guess I was busying with my exam..=/


Walaueh... your car still okay?

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