Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Jay Chou @ Capricorn

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Jay Chou has finally released his latest and ninth full-length album, Capricorn or Mo Jie Zuo, following the heavily-criticised On The Run album which was released almost a year ago.

This new album contains a total of 11 tracks including the single of the same title, Capricorn or Mo Jie Zuo, and the recently-released single, Fragrant Rice or Dao Xiang.

The title of this album, Capricorn, is the very zodiac sign of Jay Chou himself and his interest in card tricks is reflected in the cover design featuring a poker card.

*Source from Jay's Forum.

01. Capricorn / Mo Jie Zuo / 魔杰座

02. Red Daughter / Nu Er Hong / 女兒紅

03. A Place In Oriental / Dong Fong Zhi Dian / 東方之殿

04. Dream Of The Red Mansion / Hong Lou Meng Zhong / 紅樓夢中

05. Lovelorn Frog / Shi Lian De Qing Wa / 失戀的青蛙

06. Lost Mainstream / Shi Luo Fei Zhu Liu / 失落非主流

07. New Love / Cong Xin Ai / 從新愛

08. Big Dunk / Da Guan Lan / 大灌藍

09. Da Vinci’s Canvas / Da Fen Qi De Hua Bu / 達芬奇的畫布

10. Clown / Xiao Chou / 小丑

11. Fragrant Rice / Dao Xiang / 稻香

Current favourite is title no.06



heart Jay Chou~~~~<3

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