Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pink Panther 2 @ Movie Review

Thursday, February 26, 2009 1

Following his success in recovering the Pink Panther Diamond, Inspector Jacques Clouseau (Steve Martin)was hailed as the world greatest detective. But due to some jealousy and politics, he was sent to traffic duties.
However, at the same time, a theif nicknamed “The Tornado” started stealing valuable treasures worldwide. Hence, a Dream Team was formed, with Clouseau in it. Then we follow through the investigation process, with a little bit of sidelined story of romance, that followed the trend in the first where comedy took over more than seriousness.

Must say, it was a very laughable affair. The jokes, while stupid, did really put loud laughs, wide smiles and many grins on the crowd in the theater. But of course, if anyone were to expect seriousness would gladly be disappointed. While the comedies were abundant, it perhaps fallen short of some of the mystery from the first.
Things seemed so much more straight away. There wasn’t a huge twist at the very end. In fact, unfortunately, it made Clouseau almost a genius to have (kind of) planned for it.
Go for it and have a good laugh.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Girls First Time...

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As you lie back your muscles tighten. You put him off for a while searching for an excuse, but he refuses to be swayed as he approaches you.

He asks if you're afraid and you shake your head bravely. He has had more experience, but it's the first time his finger has found the right place.

He probes deeply and you shiver; your body tenses; but he's gentle like he promised he'd be. He looks deeply within your eyes and tells you to trust him-he's done this many times before.

His cool smile relaxes you and you open wider to give him more room for an easy entrance. You begin to plead and beg him to hurry, but he slowly takes his time, wanting to cause you as little pain as possible.

As he presses closer, going deeper, you feel the tissue give way; pain surges throughout your body and you feel the slight trickle of blood as he continues. He looks at you concerned and asks you if it's too painful.

Your eyes are filled with tears but you shake your head and nod for him to go on. He begins going in and out with skill but you are now too numb to feel him within you.

After a few moments, you feel something bursting within you and he pulls it out of you, you lay panting, glad to have it over. He looks at you and smiling warmly, tells you, with a chuckle; that you have been his most stubborn yet most rewarding experience.

You smile and thank your dentist. After all, it was your first time to have a tooth pulled.

ehem...What were you thinking?

Monday, February 23, 2009


Monday, February 23, 2009 8
A 14-years old boy in China was killed by his own MADE IN CHINA chair. The chair exploded, sending chunks of metal into his rectum. The bleeding is the cause that killed him.

The alleged explosion came from the gas cylinder that was in the base of the chair, the part that allowed the user to adjust the seat up and down. The canister gets compressed when you sit on it, but it can actually create enough energy to make the seat cushion explode.

So, you office workers better be careful with those office chairs which are made in china. Better be safe by sitting on the from being rape by a CHINA chair

Monday Jokes

A guy goes to a doctor and says, "Doc, you've got to help me. My penis is orange."

The doctor pauses to think and asks the guy to drop his pants so he can check. Damned if the guy's penis isn't orange. Doc tells the guy,"This is very strange. Sometimes things like this are caused by a lot of stress in a person's life."

Probing as to the causes of possible stress, the doc asks the guy,"How are things going at work?"

The guy responds that he was fired about six weeks ago. The doctor tells him that this must be the cause of the stress. The guy responds, "No. The boss was a real asshole, I had to work 20-30 hours of overtime every week and I had no say in anything that was happening.I found a new job a couple of weeks ago where I can set my own hours,I'm getting paid double what I got on the old job and the boss is a really great guy."

So the doc figures this isn't the reason. He asks the guy, "How'syour home life?"

The guy says, "Well, I got divorced about eight months ago."

The doc figures that this has got to be the reason for all of the guys stress. But the guy says, "No. For years, all I listened to was nag, nag,nag. God, am I glad to be rid of that old bitch!"

So the doc takes a few minutes to think a little longer. He inquires,"Do you have any hobbies or a social life?"

The guy replies, "No, not really. Most nights I just sit at home,watch some porno flicks and munch on Cheetos!!!"

Thursday, February 19, 2009

YouTube Time!

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Remember to thighten ur nuts!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Jokes

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Little Johnny was out with his dad in the park when he spotted a woman about to breast feed her baby. She unbuttoned her blouse, rolled out avery large breast and popped the rosy nipple into the child's mouth.

"Dad! What's that woman doing to that baby?" Little Johnny asked.
"Relax, son. She's just feeding him," his father replied.

"Get the fuck outta here!" Little Johnny exclaimed.
"There's no way he'll eat all of that!"

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fung Wan @ Movie Review

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I’ve never read the original comic, the only thing I knew of the series would be of the first movie. It seemed this animated version continued right after Feng, and Yun, defeated Xiong Ba.

Feng was possessed by the Fire Kilin and Yun almost sacrificed himself to save Feng. Then the two brother-in-disciples were separated. The plot thickened when a demon sword was raised and seek the Fire Kilin blood.

Story line definitely was very interesting, but must say the animation fall short. To be frank, most of the scenes were very well painted and dialogs were good. However, the action sequences, perhaps was a case of trying too hard.
Some of the fight sequences were not exactly really fluid. That especially when the characters started throwing big qi powers. However, some were utmost successful and feasting to the eyes.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Jokes

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The Russian couples sex life was terrible, so they went out and bought a black market copy of a sex manual.

A week later, the man said to the women, "Honey, I want to eat your pxxxxy like it says in the book, but it smells so bad.

Why don't you go out and buy some of that feminine deodorant spray?" She agreed.

An hour later, she returned, all excited. "You should seethe flavors they have," she told her husband. "Strawberry, cherry,banana ...."

"What did you get?" he interrupted.

"Tuna," she replied.

Friday, February 6, 2009

All’s Well End’s Well 2009 @ Movie Review

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What else to do during the CNY holidays?

Watched a fairly good comedy affair, not award winning, and could have been better.

The classic Chinese traditional rules that if the junior marries before the senior, certain traditions have to be followed. In the show, it was brought one step further in that both the junior’s, Bo (Ronald Cheng) soon-to-be-fiance encountered mishap. Great mishap.

So a Love Doctor, Dr. Dick Cho (Louis Koo) (the total opposite of Will Smith’s Hitch) was called in to pick up the elder sister, Sandra (Sandra Ng).

It was set to be a great comedy when more factors showed up in the form of pretty girlfriend, Mun and of course Mun’s ugly friend, stingy fatherly figure and senile parents. Though it was good comedic entertainment, it wasn’t great. The twist that I was expecting fall short. It was a little bit disappointing.

Must say that the performances from most of the actors were good. And some of the gigs that made fun of other modern literature, (Death Note L, over flooding of iPod) were quite memorable.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My New Toys

Tuesday, February 3, 2009 1
Got these during the CNY...

yeah...have headaches deciding which to get...Wii or Xbox.

The gameplay is just Fun n Fun...of cos..with the 42" Lcd...yeah..thats what i get for CNY as well. LOL!!! Now everyone in my family is addicted to the game.

Now u ppl know how i gone thru my CNY

Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Jokes

Monday, February 2, 2009 1
A man and his wife were driving home one very cold night when the wife asks her husband to stop the car. There was a baby skunk lying at the side of the road, and she got out to see if it was still alive. It was, and she said to her husband, "It's nearly frozen to death. Can we take it with us, get it warm, and let it go in the morning?"
He says, "O.K. Get in the car with it."
"Where shall I put it to get warm"?
He says, "Put it in between your legs. It's nice and warm there."
"But what about the smell?"
He says, "Just hold its little nose".
The man is expected to recover, but the skunk she used to beat himwith, died at the scene.
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