Saturday, June 14, 2008

Why always the Guy

Saturday, June 14, 2008
Do I dare say its based on personal experience? Hmm could be, read on..

I was on my way to work this morning, late as usual and I usually switch on to for JJ and Rudy where they do their “Gotcha” calls.

Today was something different. The situation was, this guy named Rob has a hunky sexy male voice, so they called up this girl and Rob says he saw her at a club last Saturday night and she was so hot and he got her number through a friend. Says he didn’t want to approach her at the time as there was too many people and wanted to call direct instead. Fine.

The girl, upon hearing such a manly accented voice, is down right smitten already. I could hear her knees turning to jello and the tone of her voice became all chirpy and flirty. At one point even said “I’m glad you saw me in that green dress coz I look so hot in that dress!” Yes, funny funny indeed.

Then Rob goes on to ask the girl out on a date, she accepts immediately (note : the girl has no idea how Rob looks like, he could be a serial rapist for all she knows). Rob continues to ask her, “I hope you don’t have a boyfriend or anything, are you single?” to which she confidently and without a second of hesitation replied “No, I don’t and yes I’m single”
Then it got ugly.

Seems, this girl’s boyfriend was listening on the other line. A few sensory beeps came on the radio, but if I were him, my words would’ve been something along the lines of “You fucking bitch!” and he continues “….after all the things I’ve bought you, this is what you do to me??!” (note the monetary tone the guy brings up, coz yes its hard work looking for money and hard work to part with it to a lying bitch)

The girl in a last minute attempt to suddenly save her relationship, goes on to say “Baby its not like that! No la, its not like that b!”

Gimme a break, everyone heard it on national radio - you can’t save it for nuts.
So the boyfriend just curses away and hangs up the phone, the girl hangs up too and JJ & Rudy just says “Gotcha” to a mute line hehe hilarious.

You see, what I’ve been hearing most nowadays is about the cheating husband or boyfriend and how he broke that poor girl’s heart and what not. But rarely has it been a case of that poor guy. I know there are a lot of cheating girls out there but the story normally ends just there, no more follow up on how the guy is doing or anything, probably coz guys jump back much easier than girls kot? But nevertheless, my case in point here is that it is not always about the guy cheating on girls. Girls nowadays should just quit being extra insecure about it and just move on with your lives coz with this reality check, it seems a lot more girls are cheating than guys.

Even with this prank call, the girl didn’t blink nor did she hesitate to say that she was single. The least she could do (but still not advisable) would maybe to just say, “..yeah I have a boyfriend, but there’s no harm in meeting up” or “..yeah I do have a boyfriend and I’m sure he would love to join us for dinner” rite?

So, has the world really tipped over on its head and should the guys now be worried and insecure about a relationship? Maybe not entirely but it does raise a concern which every guy out there should be assessing about. And back to my question, is this all based on my personal experience? Well I’ll be coy about it and say, that its for only some parties to know and maybe openly admit hahaha!


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