Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Workin @ Kota Bharu, Kelantan

Wednesday, September 24, 2008
Reached office like i always do in the morning. Then, called for a cab to send me to LCCT for my flight to Kota Bharu at 1.40pm.

So, the cab is scheduled to arrive at 11.30am. But end up, the cab only arrived my office at 12.05pm.

In my mind, i think it's still ok as time is still sufficient. i just need to check-in 45 minutes before the flight. So, the journey begins.

Reached LCCT sharp 1.00pm. Late for 5 minutes to check-in. DAMN!!! Ran to the counter, and they allowed us (me & my photographer) to check-in. Thank god.

So, have to go to the departure hall immediately, head on to Gate P12 and wait for the plane. Alot of those malay girls with tudungs. LOL...of course...i'm going to kelantan. DUH!!!!

No lunch yet. Time was ar0und 1.20pm. Sat at the Cafe for a drink. Chit chat for a while. Look at my watch and time was 1.35pm. I stood up and have a look at the gate i was suppose to board the plane...WTF!!!! where is all the people??? All GONEE!!!

WAHAHAHA....We ran again to the gate and yes!! we're late again...LOL!!!!!

but luckily...we still manage to get into the plane and fly to Kota Bharu.

It only take around 40minutes and we landed at Kota Bharu airport. We left the plane and head on to the airport and search for FOOD!!!! ( Din eat at the plane cos all muslims and they are fasting. so we both also paiseh to eat)

Saw there's a KFC restaurant and walk up....and it's CLOSED!!! WTF!!! it;s only 2.45pm in the afternoon...and that KFC is only going to open at 3.00pm!!!!!!!


sigh...this really freaks me out..and we both decide to starve till immune and we both now check-in to our hotels and rest.

We're in this hotel..Ridel Hotel...quite new..located beside a huge WIFI..hehehe...

Till tomorrow.


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