Tuesday, November 18, 2008

3JC @ 1 Utama (Non-Halal)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008
Introducing 3JC " Sam Kan Chong" if i am not wrong.

Decided to try it out as it was located right at the corner in the middle of the New Wing n Old Wing of 1Utama.

Had ice-lemong-tea and Hot tea.

The food came. Lou su fan as in Rats tail with sauce n minced pork meat.

3JC famous pork meat ball. Well..it not round but in square flat shape. Dunno why its called ball.

Added in the fried fu chuk. this is nice.
Can go try. not bad geh. You see me...after eat so damn syok.

Damn, this is heavy. Who wanna challenge this Super Big Bowl?



The last picture is so funny~lol
This one, I prefer to eat it as normal chinese food court~
I won't pay more to eat in this restaurant because I think it's not worth..

Alexis Delon

nice, hows the pricing? at least now got another place to eat pork in 1U yay!

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