Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Room

Tuesday, December 2, 2008
Last Sunday, got some ppl in to break off all the wooden floor in my room. Some money just cant save. once and for all...dun wan the headache anymore.

These are the suckers that give me no choice.

It phucking ate almost all the wood in the middle part. i can break those wood easily as they are so crunchy d. Damn Anai-anai..white ants...whetever it is called.

But after 7 hours of work which includes putting on the new tiles and new paint.
yeap..this is it. My new ROOM!! lol

Well..will paint the door panels to white if got time later on.

I like the Apple green.


Ricky Tan

owh.. tat bad.. nowdays our safety is in danger.. So sorry to hear that~ >.<"


yerrrr...nice meh? my room nicer. lol

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