Friday, January 23, 2009

Cape no.7 @ Movie Review

Friday, January 23, 2009

There were quite a hype regarding this show, including the best Taiwanese movie since. I, however, kept an open mind before letting it starts. In fact, I was prepared for a hard crash. Further, a colleague of mine who had watch it, told me that it’s very heavy on Hokkien - one of the dialect which I am not affluent with. To my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

First, it didn’t really felt like a Taiwanese production. Pacing, framing, and even the dialog were really class of its own. In fact, I dreaded the whole show to slog on like all the Taiwanese soap-operas do. In fact, it has a story to tell. Maybe trying a wee bit too hard to link the 7 undelivered letters to that of Aga’s and Tomoko’s unlikely romance. It’s a really hard parallelism to draw except for the characters’ nationalities.

The numerous characters in the show fit nicely to represent many values that we should all come to appreciate. Family, love, neighbourly spirit, team work and dream all played out nicely them. Heck, to see the head-strong Uncle Mao (Johnny C.J. Lin) on stage playing his yukin, I couldn’t help but draw parallelism to the many not achieved aspirations in life. Perhaps, one day, everyone will end up that way.

The musics are all very nice. I didn’t expect such a strong delivery from beginning to end. The opening song itself brought up a good rock rhytm to the rest of the show. In fact, I am looking forward to grab a copy of the OST.


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