Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Jokes

Monday, September 13, 2010
One day, a blonde who lived on the 12th floor of a high-rise apartment
building was out on her balcony, flapping the bed sheets to air them out, when
suddenly a great gust of wind caught the sheets and sent her over the edge,
plummeting to her death.. "Oh, shit!" the woman thought, "what a stupid way to die."
Without warning, a man on the 10th floor balcony stuck his arms out into
the air, catching the woman. Delirious from shock, the woman shouted "Oh, thank
you! You saved my life, thank you!"
The man replied "Do you suck?" Stunned at this, the woman said "No, I
don't suck!"
And with that, the man let go of her in the air. "Shit!" the woman
thought as she began to plummet again. Suddenly, another set of man's arms grabbed her
on the 9th floor.
"Thank God!" she screamed. " I would have died except that!" The man
asked "Do you fuck?" Absolutely aghast at the question, the woman answered "No, I
don't fuck!"
Once again, the arms that held her safe were no longer there. Falling
again, the woman thought that she would surely die. Just then, a set of arms
stretched out from the 7th floor. Not believing her luck, the woman shouted "I suck! I
"Slut..." the man said....and dropped her.


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