Saturday, October 20, 2007

Mother of two falls to her death

Saturday, October 20, 2007
OMG!! i;m so farkin Out-dated!!!!

I read this shockin news from the old paper on my office table.

The Star
Tuesday October 16, 2007

KUALA LUMPUR: A 32-year-old woman, who was seen sitting on the railing on the fourth floor of a shopping complex in Jalan Bukit Bintang while making a phone call, fell to her death yesterday.

The woman, identified as Pauline Lye Yuin Min from Jalan Bukit Permai here, is said to have lost her balance and fell backwards to the lower ground floor at 7.15pm.
The mother of two landed on a wooden stage and died on the spot from head and body injuries. Her body was sent to Hospital Kuala Lumpur for a post-mortem.

How could things like this happen?
Read in a forum, and a dude was saying this out.
I would like to share something with you all. It wasnt an accident. My ex-gf was there. This is how the story goes. She went shopping that day with her friends, they went around to shop and finally, they end up to this stall at the forth floor. They went to buy something from the stall, and since my ex-gf is a regular customer, the store owner knows her.
Everything was ok back then, the women who fell, were chatting with my ex-gf. Things like, long time no see, u did ur hair very nice, become more pretty liao, etc...If not mistaken, her husband was there too, after a while, she said, she gotta go. no one knows at that time, maybe she want to go to washroom? or walk walk, so no one cares. She was happy that time, and wasnt into any stress or etc.When she left, she walk to the opposite of the stall, climb over the railing and sits there. I wasnt sure that she is answering a call or making a call back then, but after she sits on the railing, and pick up the phone, and not long, she fell just like that.
It claims that it was recorded by the cctv there. She climb over the railing herself, and fell.Let us try to analyze this case.
Do it the CSI way.
The facts
- Shes age 32
- Mother with kids
- Not into any stress or arguement, she was happy
- No financial issue
1) I'm sure of her age 32, she should have aware of the danger sitting on the railing.
2) There is no sense of trying to commit suicide as I see this case.
3) There were rumours saying its something to do with spirits/ something dirty.
4) Climb over the railing and sits there requires some effort, its not like when u walk around the shopping center and see a bench and sit, which is something easy.
5) Why she needs to climb over the railing and sits there just to answer a call ?
- When I'm at the top floor, I grab the railing and see below, also my leg start to shake, dont mention climbing over.
6) Why the newspaper said she fell backwards instead she was facing the stage and fell forward?7) Is it something to do with the phone / call ?
8) Is it possible that someone or something makes this happened?
9) Some said spirits, but could it be possible be a phone hypnotize?
10) Notice that ppl who works in SG usually wear/dress nicely, if shes a women, she could have done the same, I'm not sure but it could be possibly be shes wearing high hills like any other women.
So, what do you guys think?



I think hor....
it's ghost!!!! she must be possessed la! freaky~

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