Thursday, March 26, 2009

My New Toy

Thursday, March 26, 2009
Was very happy this morning when i woke up and head to work until i see this in fornt of me in the mid of the journey. Potong Stim betul!!!!

Anyway, receive this package 2 days ago.'s not easy getting this package.

1st, i have to go to SIRIM at Shah Alam to obtain a permit for the product. Paid Rm200 for it.

Then i left SIRIM around 12.30pm for LCCT.

Took a slow and enjoyin ride as i'm not in a hurry as i still need to wait SIRIM to process my application to get the Permit no. and OGV no.

Well then, reached Pos Malaysia (beside LCCT) around 2.00pm. (all the way average speed 80kmh from Shah Alam to LCCT)

Go straight to the Malaysia Kastam and declare the parcel. Called up SIRIM and get the Permit no. and OGV no.

Then head to the get the parcel at Counter 1, go to Counter 2 to examine the parcel, go to Counter 4 for approval, go to Counter 6 to make payment for tax, the go again to Counter 2 for checking again and lastly head back to Counter 1 to get back the pass.

Tax and all the forms amounting up to RM140.

Well, in 1 day, spent almost RM400 just to get the parcel from Australia. (include petrol n toll)

Anyway, after all that...head on home.

This is it.

Yeah.. got myself an iPhone. Nope, not the 3g version as i cant afford it. Lol.
So, yes. now i'm officially iPhone addict. lol. Am very busy reseraching on the phone n stuffs.



i couldnt believe u actually get it finally :P congrts hehe

cheaper and dont hav to used any deal with maxis cool

mine probably coming next month but no no no not Iphone ..

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