Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Loneliness with 2008

Tuesday, January 1, 2008
First of all, would like to wish everyone a Hapi Nu Yer...hope you all had a blast welcoming year 2008....no matter with ur loved ones, family, friends....or just by urself.

Since when was loneliness an emotion? It’s like a dull thudding in my brain. I don’t even identify it until it’s so loud till I believe I’ll go insane.

And the pain that I feel; it isn’t even real; But I suppose it is because it’s so intense and
nothing any longer appears to make much sense. Which is why I find it hard now to believe my surroundings.

Loneliness seems more like an oblivious thought. Something that I’ve only dreamt and never sought. It’s the forlorn nights you spend all alone and weeping deep within ur heart. It’s the phone calls from your parents asking ‘how you’re doing’. It’s veiled silently in the spiteful glances of your peers. It’s in the howls of the sharp wind; in the blackening sky. It’s in the eyes of the destitute and the tears that they cry. It’s in your spirit, your soul, and your unconscious mind.

In the beating of your heart, and the lost loves that you’ve pined. It’s hiding in the crevices, and the places you least expect. And it comes and goes with the sentiments that you collect. It’s your whole mortal being when it captures your soul. And doesn’t seem to realize that it’s seizing such a toll.

After all that, loneliness seems to be more than an emotion; it’s a part of meself. And it’s so greatly involved that it is able to affect my health.

Here I am now, writing this at a very nice and quiet Starbucks outlet which is the favourite of mine...trying my very best to describe about my feelings rite now.

This is the end of 2007 for me.


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