Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Singapore Day 1

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hi all...

Finally, i can have a little time to update o nwhat i'm doing here in Singapore. Well, i'm on a business trip. Was suppose to be go back KL tomorrow, 23rd Jan but then, due to some circumstances, had to extend my stay here till 25th Jan, Friday.

So, at 21st Jan, Monday morning, it's my first time trying out Aeroline Bus from Bandar Utama till Singapore Harbour Front. The whole trip took almost 5 hours.

Cut the crap, reached harbour front....get myself a late lunch. What else thats fast and easy?

After makan, my contact person in Singapore has arrived and without wasting time, we starting working already. So, work till almost 9pm, finally take me to hotel.
Park View Hotel....in Orchard road...makai...Sing 150 per night!!!!!
Room 608.

This is me..very tired.....

The toilet...

Okla...i'm paying Sing 6 dollar to use 1 hour of internet access in this hotel. and time is up.
Hope i can update tomorrow. See ya.



andulu, how was ur trip from !U to singapore? comfortable ma? i wan to try it too.

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