Friday, September 7, 2007

Lunch at McDonalds

Friday, September 7, 2007
Pa da PAP PAP PAAAAAAAAA........................

Head to the nearest McD outlet to our office, cos we got the coupon for their promotions. Buy 1 Large set meal, get 1 item for free. ( Mcchicken, nugget or desserts)

My Lunch!!!!

My all time Favourite - Chicken McDeluxe!!!!

6 pcs Nugget - FREE!!!!!!!!!!

French Fries....lalalalala

Colik A - Buys the McChicken set got Free Filet O fish!!!!

Colik B - Buys Double Cheese Burger gets McChicken FREE!!!!

They both can really EAT!!!!!

Our lunch!!!!!!!!!!

This time, the chicken meat given is really really big piece.

See!!!! The bun also cannot cover all!!!! Felt so good.!!!

Juz a random shot on the Double cheese Burger.

Because of this Colik, we all kenot tahan and go eat McD. And now, my whole body aching cos of the food I ate yesterday.

GOD!!!!! What la is happening to me???????



ho ho ho..
sana mcd sini mcd..
I think in 1 month I ate more than 4 times in MCD.
I even went to MCD to study! =p


O.O ~!!! OMG! mc Donald??? !!!!??!!


how to get the vouchers!!!
from star newspaper?

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