Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Quick Lunch

Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Was very very busy lately. Sorry for not updating.

Last 2 weeks, went to grab a quick lunch at a Cafe opposite XYZ Cafe. I forgot what was this cafe name.

As I only had 30 minutes to spare, quickly made up my mind and ordered...

Ice Lemon Tea - tasted so so la. Nothin to shout about.

Mushroom Soup - Look tasty. Taste normal.

Fried Bun - Crispy and nice.

Chicken Rice in White Sauce

Well, I can say the one at XYZ Cafe taste alot better.

But then, This cafe wins the food presentation. Lol.


Hon Mun

Little Tree Cafe a.k.a Siao Shu

Iwan Sanchez

the lemon tea glass looks like a jam bottle.


kanneh i hungry now and no lunch la.. sigh

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