Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lunch at XYZ Cafe, Setapak

Tuesday, September 11, 2007
It was one Saturday, forgotten which Saturday already, went to have lunch wit a pal around Setapak area right after the Boring Saturday Halfday work.

Yup, they have drinks based on the horoscope. They are basicaly mixed juices which I don't bother. Yes, my sign is there...can guess what am I?

Ok, it's a very small cosy place with nice interiors (if compared to other places around that area) and as you can see, they also provide FREE WIFI!!! and lots n lots of college chics seem to frequent this place. I assume cos it's near UTAR nn Tar College.

Iced Jasmine Green Tea - It tasted kinda weird to me. really weird. but dun care la. It's only RM1.00 cos I ordered the Lunch set.

Yeap, Rice with Creamy Sauce Chicken.

It's Nice, very fragrant cos the creamy sauce is mixed together with curry leaves. Very special combination.

Yes, it's only Rm6.90 for the rice and additional Rm1.00 for a drink.

Pals drink - Dong Ling Cha!!!! Ice lemon tea

Since he had a very heavy breakfast, he just ordered

Ham n Cheese Sandwich - Rm4.90 (It's nice, light snack and the ingredients are very fresh)

The tomotoes and garden salad used are very very fresh.

Yes, we ordered seconds - Egg n Cheese sandwich Rm4.90. Very very nice.

Sometimes, it gives me back lots of memories going back to Setapak.

More food posts tomorrow!!!!!



me also long time no go to setapak dakei already.

Hon Mun

Saturday I was there too.. around 3pm like that...

De Pianist

i suddenly miss m'sia sandwiches,they taste way better than the ones in aussie,the sandwiches here so darn dry,you have to drink with water everytime you take one or two bite..X.X

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