Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Penang Trip Part 1

Tuesday, September 18, 2007
One fine weekend, 4 guys just woke up early in the morning and off they go head on the journey to Penang.

Was having a leisure cruise along the highway till suddenly felt hungry cos all of us haven't had breakfast yet. So, we turn off to Bidor!!!!

After the toll, turn right at the traffic light, straight ahead turn right at the traffic light again and then make a u-turn. Then, find a parking spot lor.

See, so many petais!!!!!! Sorry, off topic.

This is where we are getting out food.

It was around 10.30am.

and it's already so FREAKING HOT!!!!!

So, fast fast ordered drinks to cool down.....then apa lagi? order food lar!!!!

Wantan mee Kosong - cos really got nothing, not even a green vege.

With a bowl of shrimp wantans.

The wantan mee and the wantans costs RM5 (worth it ar)?

So, 4 guys wor...sure need some meat. We had this mixed stuffs.

It consists of Roasted Chicken, Roasted Duck, Siew Yuk and Char siew. Well, it's nothing to shout about. and it costs RM16. fuckin rip off!!!!

Anyway, nvm la. Cos it's supposed to be a relax trip thingy. So, once a while kena slaughter also no choice la. Tourist area ma.

I belif who have been to Bidor knows which Restaurant I'm talking about.

Sorry I forgot the restaurant name but it's famous for its Herb Duck Drumstick Wantan mee.

Continue tomorrow.



Oh, it's the same place in Bidor that I ate on the way back from Penang. The Duck Mee was awesome.


It's a smart thing that you did to cover up the number plate!!

People might smash your window or what so ever if they are jealous with you in the web..

Traffic police also won't able to catch you~~


Wah lau, 190km/hour... That's crazily fast.

Take care when driving!


Did you try the duck mee at Pun Chun?
I miss that very much!


thats one fast Wira u got there man! :)

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