Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lunch at ViVo, The Curve

Thursday, September 13, 2007
Hi ppl, GOOD MORNING!!!!

I woke up on the right side of my bed today and I FEEL GREAT today!!!

So, last sunday, I went to The Curve and had lunch there at VIVO.

A game of Chess anyone? The signature fountain in The Curve.

Was wandering at every corner and finally ended up eating at ViVo.

Yes, Milky Pig Pig got it right!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

Start of with mushroom soup. Very very delicious cos they added fresh button mushrooms in it.

Just look at the mushrooms.....felt like go back there for the soup!!!

Yeap, Spaghetti...It was nice.........

But the portion a bit small. The plate big oni.

Here comes their Hawaiian Pizza with Turkey Ham.

Very very thin crust and smeels good too.

Just look at the CHEEEEEEEEESEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a side order. Bread with Egg. It looks teribble....but the taste is not bad!

See....just like Roti Telur...


I didn't know how it tasted....but my friend finish it in 10 seconds!!! So, you be the judge.

and now.........

Congratulations again to Milky For guessing the Right Answer for the Contest.

RM100 Cash Voucher!!!!!!!!! from SSF Home Deco Mart

Tell me how to pass it to you!!!!!!!! Congrats once again!!!!!!

As you can see, the voucher valid till end of November. So, fast fast and buy lots of deco stuff for ur room and house.

To others, pls don't be sad as i'll try to make more contest in the future.


milky ~ pearly

huh..really giv me?
it depends u wanna see me personally or send to my hse mail

thx in advance hehe


i am hungry!!

De Pianist

my gosh,you're making me hungry..o.O

Iwan Sanchez

wah... i eat at vivo at JB before.. hahahaha!!


omg that pizzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!



AIKS AIKS! how come havent play already got winner haha~ congrats to milky


O.O ~~ Voucher !!!

yung .

wow... 100 worth vouchers.. I should have come earlier...

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