Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Be Contented

Wednesday, December 19, 2007
A Good Habit to share – Ever since Malaysia have the Satellite TV, I have the habit of switching the TV on to CNN channel whenever I wake up. I think my father influenced me because he was always the one asking me to read the papers and learn more about what’s happening around this world! Well… I have to admit I am lazy when it comes to reading the papers so to solve the problem, WATCH CNN :-)

What I have learnt all these while which I really like to share with you guys: Being aware of news around the world not only keeps us well informed about what’s going on but also teaches us so many things never could we imagine. I guess the reason that why I am optimistic in life is because I have watched too many unbelievable things going on around us and these include natural disasters, war and tragic accidents to name a few! Imagine how all of these could influence the life of so many people! Therefore, we should really treasure everything we have now and BE CONTENTED!

Hardship is a challenge in life but it’s an experience whether you fail or succeed… The results are just results perceived by others but who cares! Most importantly, you did your best, right? Well, I have to admit that sometimes, I do complain and am really stressed with my work due to lack of rest but I do get over it very fast otherwise I will make my life more stressful… Next time, if you have a bad mood, learn to get over it ASAP and once you know how to control your emotions, your life will be a lot easier and happier. Well, one good way is to watch world news more often… Trust me :-)

Well, yeah... am indeed very tired coz there are plenty of jobs waiting to be done in the coming months but I will try to take care of myself… Don't worry ok! I will consume more fruits and drink tons of water to recharge myself! Don't forget, you too have to do it!



good advice..
all will be well..=)


welcome to the club

honestly, tv1 world news at 11pm is actually enough to see the world.

cnn news sometimes too america.
live bush speech.

anywa, try DW TV 's news, you will see the world from german point of new. english news is ar 11pm if i'm not mistaken

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