Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Crystal Jade @ Pavilion, KL

Tuesday, December 4, 2007
Hi all, i'm back with something to make you ppl hungry...hahaha....yeah...

Was surfing my folders till I realized that I havent post this up. Here goes...

Greeted with a smile from the waitress at the entrance and seated. Nice interior..sorry..din took pics of it.

Interesting stuffs....

So, was browsing thru their menu...lots of selection..all words...i prefer to see more pictures in it...( first time trying, of cos scared order a dish that i regret)

So, first choice was made.

It's a cold dish. Tofu with Century egg topped with chicken floss & nuts...

I totally give this dish perfect 10/10. I LIKE IT!!!!! very nice...

Next, which a girl say she will only order snack cos she not so hungry....so..she order....

Roasted Pork....YES!!! a Girl says this is a snack to her...WTF!!! I tryin to imagine whats her maindish then....LOL!!!!

This SNACK cost around rm10 if i'm not mistaken...and only 9 pieces...

To me, it tasted normal oni, yala..crispy skins..but then...rm10 i can buy a whole plate of it at other places..n more nicer ones....LOL!!!!

Sorry but this dish non-halal. Opps...shud say this Restaurant is non-halal. Sorry to the muslims.

Minta maaf.

3rd dish was the Lemon Chicken la... Well...this dish wont go wrong la.

Wantan mee seems to be one of their signature dish there. So, we did order 1 to try it out.

Braised Chicken Wantan Mee.

Well, it's expected the noodle is without the alkaline taste....overall...the food here is not bad. Just that the price is kinda of the high side.

Wash down all the sins with Chinese Tea.

It's under the same roof with the Crystal Jade at Lot 10. Which i prefer more. Cos i like their La-mian and siu long baos.

Anyway, this is also not bad. Try it out.



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Nicholas Chan

i saw this before! but back then , it wasnt open yet, 2 months ago.

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