Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Wednesday, December 5, 2007
You think you know plenty about a person, you think you know enough about a person only to realize later that it seems like you don't. You want to know more but it is either untold or hidden and no time soon revealed. You want to ask but you are in no position to. You want to ask but opportunity you do not have. You want to ask but you are not sure if it will be answered or evaded or you are allowed to have a glimpse of what may seem like an answer but you are not entirely sure.

There are times that you think you know the truth about a person and that truth was enough only to be rattled by the realization that you may be wrong. That fact doesn't escape you. You are left to wonder if whatever you know are really truths or nothing more but half-truths or worse lies masked in what may seem like truth.

You wonder but just couldn't find the answers. You don't know if it was to protect you or to protect one's self. Either way, you are left in the dark and its not the most wonderful feeling in the world.Then there is a stranger whose life you only know by a name and his or her place in a person's life. That you wished you knew more of but not a possibility.

Then you stumble on something about this stranger that allowed you to know more than you would want to or need to or entitle to. All of a sudden that stranger is anything but and reading about their life based on how people talk about them fondly felt like both an intrusion and an enlightenment. How they have left an impact in these people's lives makes you wonder if the same could have happened to you.

Then it dawned on you that in the course of knowing more about this stranger, you have come to know a bit more if not an aspect of the person but THE person.



Life is full of mysteries anyway. =)

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