Sunday, December 9, 2007

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Sunday, December 9, 2007
Lately, I'm always thinking of the phrase 'learn to love yourself before loving others'. Heard this phrase before but what does it really mean?

If you like yourself, you will like the people you meet naturally, but it still doesn't mean they will like you. If you don’t like yourself, no matter what you do, you will only waste energy and efforts trying to get along with people who aren’t like you, or you will just settle for being with someone you don’t like. could say that you might not even like whatever you do because you dislike yourself. So, whatever you do is a disgust.

Any solutions?



u misinterpret that quote...
when you know how to love yourself..thn you will know how to love a person because u know what you ought to do to love a person..lazy to elaborate.guess that u know what i meant


You need to love yourself before you can love another person, this is true.
If you fail to love yourself, you can't love others. You make yourself sad over small things, you angry with almost everyone and everything, you don't care about your own health, etc. etc. This shows how much you don't love yourself.
How are you going to love someone when you're in this state? How to bring happiness and love to another person when you yourself can't bring love and happiness to yourself?
Everyone around you is just going to suffer because of you. Only when you know how to love yourself that you'll know how to give love to another person, because that person will feel the love and happiness.


if you wan to be loved.. u shud learn to love yourself first...

no one can love u more then u love ya self.. u know ??


if u love yourself, you will know what you love yourself and thus treat people the same way how you love yourself.

Ok, my explanation is confusing though

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