Thursday, September 20, 2007

Penang Trip Finale!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007
Lets continue.

At Gurney, we then left to Batu Feringghi.

One of my friend would like to fulfill his childhood dream, which is to FLY A KITE!!!!

Tamade!!!! So old also haven't fly a kite before. Nvm, since we are good pals, we will try our best to help him.

But too bad, the weather sucks and it rained non-stop. So, we tell him to Fly his own kite back at KL later on. LoL.

So, what can 4 dudes do in the rain?? No, there's nothing we could do but just stick our butts firmly in the car.
Drove out of Batu Feringghi and end up somewhere.....

anyone knows where this is?
I introduce you, the 3Bs - Beach Blanket Babylon.
Since we only go there for drinks, we were told to go upstairs.
We felt good. If we felt good, they will feel good too cos we are going to spend. Lol!

Got beds!!!! la, 4 dudes on a bed? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

So, we choose to be more normal,

We sat at the sofas....ngam ngam only for the 4 of us.

The atmosphere there is the best for relaxing (see how relax that idiot is) while having some....

and we ordered some snacks

Some wedges and popiahs..and err...white paper sticks tha you light some fire on it and get white smokes....Lol

Just see how relax we are........(caught Frankie doing something)

Well, we like our wine we waited a bit....

and served!!!!!! KANPAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oppss..wrong....Cheers!!!

Damn the Italian wine is goodness. I ain't a wine expert but it's nice. Drank and end up....

Stupido idioto really uselesso. (gota little bito of italiano slang?)
To freshen up a bit before we leave, ordered some mocktails... Cool Dawn, Pussy Foot, forgot 2 more other names.

Nice mixtures...paid up and left Babylon.

It's already 12 by then. Damn, we were wasted in there for almost 4 hours.

So, gone to gurney drive for some supper but it's all closing due to the rain...(fuckin rain) and met Amber Chia there. She was snapping pics with some of her fans. We didn't bother much cos we needed food. Not Amber Chia.

Then, cincai grab some food and go back KL....cos ade damn tired.....

Fun hor? let's do more 1 day trips!!!!!!!!!!!!



waha.. it looks like an expensive trip leh.. kekeke


What? One day trip? How to spend a day only in Penang?

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