Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bangkok Trip #2

Tuesday, November 13, 2007
OK...hopped on a Taxi and straight head on to our hotel.

After around 25-30 minutes drive, we finally arrive to RENO HOTEL. Bangkok traffic is really terrible. Well...I'd say worst than Malaysia.

Yes, RENO Hotel....everyone kept asking me..(where u stay at bkk? cheap ar? good ar? clean ar? bla bla bla bla)

Some views of the Lobby.

Internet facility also provided - I overheard it's 50bath for 30minutes or 1 hour. Somethin like that.

Door to Swimming pool.

The Concierge......(correct mou Jasmine)

The hallway of rooms......kinda scary though.
Well, sorry. Dont really have any nice pic of the rooms....normal oni la...2 single beds, bathroom.

Tomorrow continue....


leonard leao

ow...it's soo cool when u got to travel...i'm so envious...hahahah...that hallway do look scary...


hey got to admit the traffic there really bad and i prefer it better here in malaysia :)

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