Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bangkok Trip #4

Thursday, November 15, 2007
The morning of Day 2. Sunday!!!!!!

Was waiting for 2 more friends to arrive and head to JA TU JAK!!! The famous weekend market in Bangkok.

Waiting and leisuring in the hotel lobby.


wait till itchy to camwhore d....

2 friends finally arrived and we just walk out from the hotel and up the BTS (Bangkok Transit System) just outside the hotel....
This is how the card looks like...
The back part.....with the map of all stations..

While waiting for the train, my eyes were locked by these 4 beauties.....kekekeek....

and it seems like Compaq has a very very big mascot in bangkok. Relaxing in top of the building.

So, take picture with mr.Compaq lo..kekekeke

The train arrives..we hop on. and snap pictures again. LOL!!!
Pole dancing ar??? yucks!!!!

Had to change train after 1 stop, place to sit. all Stand...hahahahaha

But it wont stop us from
This is the historical monument for Bangkok, Thailand....sort like our Tugu Negara

After few more minutes, i'm shocked with what i saw.....
Can u all see the rooftops? all those rooftops? Its JA TU JAK!!!! damn farkin legs already trembling....thinkin of all the walkin i'm goin to do...

K la....continue tomolo...hahahaha



JA TU JAK? man andulu u really knw the place dont u ? :P

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