Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Jay Chou 8th Album "On The Run"

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I finally managed to get hold of Jay’s new album, ‘On The Run’ after waiting for quite sometime. Hug n kisses to a Very Special Someone for getting the most memorable birthday gift for me...(altho she had me waiting for so long and forbid me to buy em myself).....no la...no need guess...I'm still single. lol

What can I say? Mr. Chou is still top-notch with his music & experimented with some different sounds this time round. I give it a thumbs up definitely! Yes, can't a guy be lame? Lol!!!

I recommend you to clear away any expectations from your mind. This album is very fresh in music and style while retaining Jay’s unique singing technique or some of you maybe just say his mumbling technique. You can't really compare it to his previous albums as I think Jay is always going for something different with musics.

I can say that I love all the tracks in this album.

Here is the tracklist of the album:

01 牛仔很忙
To me, this is something new. I hate cowboy songs by the way. . Old Cowboy mixed in fast-paced music.

02 彩虹
Slow and melodic song, accompanied only with guitars at the beginning. Easily bring you into karaoke box lah..kekekee

03 青花瓷
Brings a memory of hongkong kungfu film.

04 陽光宅男
My current fav when i rush to office every morning.

05 蒲公英的約定
Playing piano while singing this song, this is original Jay’s style.

06 無雙
Rock again. Well I think he will use more rock and rap style in future. Many high tones he hardly reach them, but with help with backing vocals it ends gracefully.

07 我不配
Back my memory to singing first album of Jay, but let’s say it is fresh

08 扯
Not sad as its trackname, it is hip hop R&B song with many help from music synthetizer and DJ’s.

09 甜甜的
I love this song so much, an old-style as old as high school song. Use this song to chase a girlfried will make you have 100% winning chance.

10 最長的電影
Sad song again, played with piano.

Well, cilaka so many good songs how can I remember all the lyrics?

Track 4 ‘Sunshine Boy’ is my current fave as it’s really upbeat & catchy - a good song to listen to when you’re down.

Track 5 is also nice - since the melody was derived from ‘Secret’, his self-direct movie.

I’m now anticipating for his concert - had news rumoured that it will be on 23rd Feb 2008. WOOTS!!!!

I give this album score 9.5 of 10. So generous or not?

Do you like this album?
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