Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bangkok Trip #6

Saturday, November 17, 2007
Its Saturday morning....and i'm in the office now....with a lazy butt and sleepy. So, no mood to work but must blog. Hahaha....

K...this is the stall we see almost everywhere at Bangkok....selling these bbq stuffs...pork sausages, chicken wings, sotongs...etc...

Its cheap...range from RM0.50 ~ RM1.00

This pork sausage is jeng!!!!! got garlic inside oso. KUSTANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Weird, after having these street food, we seem to felt that we're very close with the locals..especially

Mr.Compaq at last also surrender!!!!...LOL!!!!
Well, as tourist..and first time being at Bangkok....we sure must go to their so called shopping malls....
MBK!!! (altho i don't know what it stands for)

State Empire Tower, The Dome at 54th floor & 64th floor!!!

Magnificent VIEW!!!!!

And next morning, also the last day at Bangkok, we went to market..

Yeah...the Floating Market lor!!!!!

the sampans also traffic jam la....u say la..Bangkok geng or not?!!!! all the sampan will bang at each other....who strong..who pass thru...hahaha

Then, we did last minute shopping....and finally left Bangkok around 9pm.
I've basically summarized the whole trip. Hahaha....lazy now.


yung .

Wow finally it ended. I too hope to be able to visit Bangkok, hopefully some time soon...

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