Friday, November 2, 2007

Sushi Zenmai @ Sunway Pyramid

Friday, November 2, 2007
Hi all.

Had a chance to try out Sushi Zenmai (highly recommended by a friend) at Sunway Pyramid. It's located right above Kim Gary.

Haha....their damn big.
Iced Green Tea. As for the food below, I'm sorry cause I already forgotten their names. So, just enjoy the pictures. Lol.

MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL MI NE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (just kidding)

Lol...we were so stuffed that we had no choice but to create a signature sushi for Sushi Zenmai.
Nice rite? I requested the girls to make a tutorial (video) teaching you peeps how to eat sushi/sashimi/wasabi...watever la....
By Koonie

By Jas Jas

By Mie Mie

After this...I just realize that the way girls eat can be very ugly!!!
Ok...I'll be off to Bangkok tomorrow...and I'll be back after Deepavali.
So, in advance...Happy Deepavali to all!!!!



Wow... They are tempting me now.. My stomach is rumbling. Gosh! I am hungry in the middle of night?


i always regret coming to yr side.. can see no eat..aih


yes! yes!
I tried this Zenmai b4 ANdulu~
ahahah so happy =P

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