Friday, November 16, 2007

Bangkok Trip #5

Friday, November 16, 2007
Morning all,

Please do bear with me as I'm rather occupied for the whole month. Lots of deadlines to meet.
So, let's continue.

Arrived Ja Tu Jak around 10am, so...with the mind only thinking of "shopping"....we bravely walk into the bazaar.
Sorry as I didnt take any pictures of the stalls in it....cos it's very crowded and hot and just didn't think of taking pictures lar. kekekeke

Ok, so...the shopping went on and our group broke up and got sesat and all, and dun care la cos all already got so hypnotized with "shopping" and "bargainin"...

So, it's already lunch time and.....

These are the Coke can Design in Thai.

Yea, we had our lunch in one of the stalls at the bazaar....It's basically Glass noodles with Pork..
and Chicken...
Well...lunch was good....and "shopping" continues.....tilll around 5pm....where the sun starts to set...everything looks orangey.....and my leg already going to into another stall in the bazaar to rest....'s called Illy

It's sort like a pub where lots of mat-sallehs lepak. It's nicely decorated and most of all, it's coolin there.

Had Heineken to quench our thirst....damn syok....( Heineken in thai is more worthy to get than Msia)

So, gathered up around 6pm....and we head on back to our Hotel......

a View from the Station....look at the carpark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tired but happy faces.
Kelly: Haha...i bargain till the ppl wanna chop me ar....
Thx for being our guide.
Ice: I veli tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andulu : -.-"



love the coke cans
brought any home?


wow got to say that you really when and do everything in bkk ... even the market and the resturant on top of the hotel.. hehe nice man!

anyway MBK stand for Mah Boon Krong ;)

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