Friday, August 17, 2007

Chilis, One Utama

Friday, August 17, 2007

Went to One Utama the other day to search for a mp3 player, but too bad, none of them seems to be selling that model.

So, we both walked and searched the old and new wing till almost 9.30pm. So, we call it quits and head in to Chilis.

This is what I see from my table.

We both ordered the Bottomless fruit juice. Can refill ma. Worth every cent of it.

So, havent had dinner and mouth itchy already. We ordered some snacks.

Nachos with Bowl of Beef Queso. The nachos and chili is also refillable. This is fantastic. Crunchy and lip smacking.

and not forgetting Chilis famous Triple Play. Sorry for some food missing cos too busy eating till forget to take pic of it.

And yes, we are so damn full after the food and a few rounds of fruit juice.

Have a try.



Oh, I've tried the Chilis near to Gurney plaza. Haha..not bad not bad..anyway, go there eat once and my purse no $$ liao..XD

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