Saturday, August 4, 2007

Happy Birthday, GARY TAN!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Ok, this is a bit old. I just got the photos just now as everyone here is so busy suddenly with their own stuff.

May I introduce all of you, Mr. Kari Tan...Opps...Gary Tan.

How? I think I heard girls screaming wor....kekekek...Leng chai n cute cute is it?

Ok, He is currently working as my Jr. Graphic Designer. (Got a stable job)
He recently turned 22 yeas old. (wei, this info is very valueable rite?)

Wanna know more?? Call me at Maxis- xxxxxx. Kenot tell so much. He always curi curi read my blog wan.

Ok. you all see la. Birthday boy so "hang fook"!!!! take pics with all the chicks in the office.

Hmmm....So, Gary, big boy ade lor. Dun always merajuk, must learn to stand on ur own feet jor!!!!

Jason, the photographer!!! Lol!!!

Dunno why they wanna take pics like that, no choice la. Bday boy big ma that day. Have to give face. Which ends up....

Have a great weekend.!!!!!!!!! (and i sadly goes back to work, rush rush rush)


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