Friday, August 24, 2007

Just Ranting

Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm stuck in the damn jam for 1 hour because of this.

Sorry for not updating lately.

People break down in frustration, some pick themselves up and use it, and some people take their pain and frustration and use it. I sleep it over and tries to ignore the pain. You know, ignoring it, try not to think of it and it will go away. But it ends up making you full of anger and hate.
But if things just don't seem to go your flow, just make sure you cope with it. Breaking down won't do you any good anyhow. Lift ur head up and face it. Avoiding is useless.

Just don't go charging blindly or you'll just end up regretting.
(Ps - I've removed the Cbox as I prefer you guys to post comment in the comment box. Tq)



Wow, tat van really terbalik ler! at which road?

It happens at another road, but ppl still like to drive slowly & watch it. Malaysia got lots of "KepoChi" :D


That van overturned la...duno how it happened...

heading towards sg.buloh

Iwan Sanchez

really tteruk ar?
1hr jam sia!!



1 hour hmm .. that's like an everyday routine for me, if bad one and a half =.=

milky ~ pearly the van overturn like that..
ya true malaysian are like that...can't deny wan..
remove cbox no big deal la..still will support our dear andulu..haha


Alamak, that VAN!!!! I hate van drivers(very rude)!!! I think he desserve it....lolz

Have a great Saturday!!!

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I think maybe that van speed and the road was slippery..
one thing i dun like bout van driver is they simply drive wan..>"<
pity u kena stuck in the jam for 1 hour..


that could be a good excuse for me to late for group meetings.. especially with bithchy groupmates. thanks for sharing andulu

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