Saturday, August 11, 2007

Finally, I'm Sick.

Saturday, August 11, 2007
The time has finally come. I woke up today with a Combo set. Little bit of flu, sore throat, headache, wee bit dizzy, body aching and slight coughs.

This is the room I'm going in to get checked by the Doctor. hands are shivering.

In there, the doctor does his usual routine, check my pulse, body temperature and blood pressure.

Then, after all that, he starts scribbling on the paper.

and he says I'm sick due to

I'm shocked! I'm HYPERTENSION????

Doctor: Don't worry. Your blood level is just at the entry level for that. Just rest more and you'll be fine.

Walao, I'm having cold sweats already. Then doc says the usual stuffs, don't eat oily foods, fried foods, etc..etc...(means nothing else can eat. only eat steamed vege n fruits)

Yes. He gave me a sick leave. Which I'm not slightly happy about it as it's pointless for me. I'm only working halfday today and I have stuffs to rush.

And yes, the medicines I got. the Blue pills ( not Viagra OK!!!) and some hydration salts for diarrhea ( just in case)

So, people, try to kesian me a bit and don't scold me for not updating my blog.


Sae Wei

alamak.. hope you get well soon okay.. sayang~~


get sick oso wanna blog... =.=""


:( hypertension... take good care of urself ye..


too much Shoutout can cause hypertension!


kidding wei. get well soon!

She's Jess

Get well


the pack of medicine look like condoms haha


wei.......get well!
anyway can lose some weight lol

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