Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Music Carnival @ IKANO Power Centre, Mutiara Damansara (13/8/07 - 31/8/07)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007
Good news for all Music enthusiasts!

CD RAMA would like to invite you to the unprecedented Music Carnival in the country! Music Carnival is the ideal channel and initiative from CD RAMA to enable the public to own ORIGINAL copies of audio-visual products at extremely good prices.

It is launched in line with the Government anti-piracy to protect the intellectual property rights. Music Carnival is open to public at large to enjoy your shopping spree and participate in exciting activities that line up for entire duration of 19days (13/8 - 31/8/07). Come and Visit us now~!

For more information, please contact CD RAMA via 03-2078 1953.

So, by spending only RM50, I got myself 4 albums....all original

Tension - their hits, 2 CDs...very the nice..... rm9.90

Eason chan album - Rm9.90 oni...i like all the songs in this album.

Eason chan - RM9.90 oni!!!!!

Snow Wolf Lake (Imported)..Last time dun dare to buy cos expensive...now..RM20.00 oni!!!!

The box is velveted. with chinese words on it.

Got lots more of other Cds available there la. But u need to search n search n search!!!!

GOGOGGO!!!!!!!!!! (I'm just Promoting Support Original. Not promote for Popular or Ikano)



omg! xue lang hu!!! *goes crazy*

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