Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Stealing for FUN

Wednesday, August 8, 2007
If the parents are wealthy, decent and educated, does it mean their children will turn out the same way? The answer is yes.... and no. I think Lisa is the perfect example.

I get to know Lisa from a seminar 3 months ago and we've been keeping in touch for some work related stuffs. We both met up last week over at Laundry Bar for some chats and this leads her to share some of her little secrets to me. And know I'm going to share it with all of you.

She was born into privilege and given the best things money could buy. Her parents are held in high regard in our community, and was she. Conscious of their good name from a young age, she made sure she was an excellent student who constantly showed respect to her teachers and friends. And she have never let them down... or so they think.

Maybe it's because she's such a good actress. She had her fair share of naughty escapades and told so many lies just to get out of trouble. Still they fall for her stories hook, line and sinker.

A crime she particularly grown fond of committing is stealing. She started stealing when she was 14, after her classmate in piano class challenged her to take their teacher's porcelain figurines. The both took one, and were basically thrilled when the teacher didn't catch them. She thought it was rather fun - she even felt smart. But she still remember praying so hard that the teacher wouldn't see them.

Now that she's all grown up and running her own business, you'd think she will have the sense and right mind to stop. Sadly, she don't. So far, she have only stolen little things, like chocolates and trinkets in convenience and department stores. It's pretty easy as she can just slip them into her huge Gucci bag. To think her main intentions sometimes was to test whether their sensors were working!

And since she don't even need the things she steal, she just give them away to friends and even beggars. Besides, she think she looks too sweet and innocent to be considered as a thief. The weird rush of excitement she felt whenever those people thank her makes her believe that it's all worth it.

I was amazed with her little secret while refreshing my thirst with Heineken. Let's continue.

Of course she have tried to stop this nasty habits. But she find it so pleasurable and satisfying that she would always give in to the urge! She just can't help it. In fact, she often felt like those characters, Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde. The nasty Mr Hyde in her feels trapped in the body of the rational Dr Jeckyll. But sometimes, Mr Hyde tends to be stronger and ends up controlling her and her actions.

Yes, she have thought of confessing all her wrongdoings to someone close to her. But her kiasu nature held her back. She want to maintain her reputation and image as the perfect daughter every mother wishes to have. Her parents and friends believe in her, so why burst their bubble?

Then again, if her parents ever find out what she's been doing, they will definitely send her overseas. But she think she had become too good at stealing to ever stop or get caught.....

That's the power of after a few bottles of Heineken.....


milky ~ pearly

what can say~
she is addicted to it d~
actually i understand how she feel...
being perfect is hard...worse thing have to look prefect in front of all those high standards fella~
gosh..sickening man..
so u need something nasty to neutral back ur life..haha

why don't she opens a grocery store and steal from thr...then she wun get into trouble then...

but the secretive and heart bouncing feeling is what she search for rite? no use too~~

haih..i'm crapping so much~ *bleh*


I read exactly the same story which published in this month's Malaysian women weekly. The article written by you or copycat?



anonymous : yeah...she did told me she wrote it and send it to some magazines, (sort of like a confession thingy)..'s published? Hell..i got to tell her.

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