Monday, August 20, 2007

Lunch at EDEN

Monday, August 20, 2007
Last week, I received an email from Ice'T regarding a promotion from Eden.

So, my colleague find it hard to belif, she called up Eden and it's confirmed. So, 8 of us went there last saturday to Eden at The Curve for lunch.
Lucky we made reservations cos the place is PACKED!!!!! Because one of my colleague is a frequent customer to Eden, Ms.Tay, Eden have us seated in their private room.

Yes, nice rite? Good job, Ms. Tay!!!

Thats the decor light in the room.
Felt so good. So, each of us made our orders. But, there is also another promotion going on!!!

50% discount!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where can miss this chance. So, we ordered dim sums as well.

Eat dim sum must have this 2 type sauce.

Yue chi Mai - inside got sharkfin wan...which I couldn't taste any.

Har Gau - it's rather small but the prawns are FRESH!!!

Foo Chuk rolls in sweet n sour sauce. Ok la.

This is Gau Choi Gau. Lol...actually is 3 pieces, I took the pics too late.

I am really slow in taking pictures. The dim sums are gone in matter of seconds!!!!!!

and this is......empty place with some sauce....LOL!!!!!!! Dun play play, my colleagues eat really fast wan.

Ice Lemong Tea - Nice....too bad. Got a pregnant lady kenot drink. LOL!!!!

Not long, our lunch is here.

Chicken soup - JENG!!!!!!!!!

My Grilled Boneless Chicken - Nicely done. Covered in Black pepper & Bbq sauce. Portion is just nice.

My complete Lunch!!!

This is Ms.Tay's plate. Don't know why she pours the ice on her plate.

The dessert - Fruits ( pudding finished)

This is the Deep Fried Dory Tempura fillet with chips.'s not mine...but HERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is Ms. Wong. Yes, she is pregnant d. Yes, it's a girl. Yes, giving birth soon. Her facial expression already tell you all how nice is the fish la!!!!!!!!!

But 1 thing no good to sit in the room, very hard to get waiter to serve us. Lol!!!



Whoa... really hard to believe it's so cheap to eat at Eden...

Very worth it leh...


WHAT IS the sign in that chicken soup. o.O!!~??

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