Thursday, August 16, 2007

Coliseum Cafe, Jalan TAR

Thursday, August 16, 2007
Morning everyone. Had your breakfast? Good. Let's cut the crap and head on to the pics.

I had a lunch appointment yesterday with a Media friend of mine. Thats where we went for lunch. Luckily, we both agreed to be there at 2pm. Why???

Cos we both ain't want to come out from there smelled smokey!!!!! lol...who's been there before will know what I'm talking about. ( Lots of ppl usually order their sizzling steaks and chops)

Our drinks, Ice lemon tea. The cup is so small!!!!! and they charge RM3.90 for that...what a rip-off!!!

We started with their Mushroom soup. This is good!!!!!! Lots and lots of muchrooms and the soup is just nice. (No, it's not Campbell mushroom soup)

Mine - Chicken Maryland. From the picture, it consists of sausage, fried banana, corn, fries and a big piece of delicious deep fried chicken.

His - Coliseum Chicken Chop - The original taste.

The food price is reasonable but the drinks are to expensive. However, they do serve iced water as well with no extra charge.

I believe there is alot of reviews done by other bloggers about Coliseum Cafe, search for it if you want to know more.



I am hunggggggggggrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy :)


Yum yum.. does it mean that I can get a free meal for commenting in here? Just joking...I hardly eat out when I am in KL too. Most of the time is hawker food and more hawker food **sweat**


i haven had western food for breakfast for quite some time dy...

and agree with criz... all hawker food or mamak stalls... T^T

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