Saturday, August 4, 2007

Now, I'm thinking that....

Saturday, August 4, 2007

the main thing I feel about working for people and when I was a student is that as a student, I don’t have to bother about other people – I lived my life the way I like it and to a certain extent if I didn’t want to meet a person and generally if I kept to myself and spoke politely – people would leave me alone so I can live my life peaceably.

Working for people – you need to submit to your bosses and peers and sometimes even though you resent it, you have to please your bosses and colleagues. That’s working life for you.

Sometimes, you worry if you can’t meet the datelines and expectations of these superiors. Sometimes they would threaten you with all kinds of shit. Sometimes your subordinates make your life miserable. Sometimes the stress of life can be overwhelming and yet you still have to go to work.

Smile, grin and bear it.

Why? Because you earn a living. They have paid your salary and paid for your time and therefore you have to give something back in return.

I really want to contribute and achieve something in my career not because of ambition but because I want to feel like I did something useful and contributed to other people’s health, wealth and their lives.

But sitting here in comfortable office, looking through proposals and whatnot, I just wonder what’s the practical benefit of it? Where’s the satisfaction?

I feel jaded and disillusioned sometimes.

Money, I working hard to ern it. Delicious food, I have eaten my share. Material things, I have acquired stuffs that I liked.

Life is not the sum of all these things. Money has no meaning. What’s the big deal about money? It’s just pieces of paper with someone’s face on it.

I fail to see the significance of it.I think life has much more to offer. I think sitting down to meditate and contemplate life’s meaning is very agreeable way to spend the rest of my life.
Oh yea, This is what I've been rushing on. Some work. What do you guys think?

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