Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hana Kimi the Movie (Drama Review)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Yeah yeah...i just finished watching the final episode of Hana Kimi.....from Youtube lor..where some good hearted ppl upload the whole series at watch it if u cant wait to watch it on astro.

Pls...dun ask why i'm so free to watch movie.....

Eh ni wei, overall....this movie is good..i'd give it a rate of 8 / 10. Why? Not becos of the lengjais....but Ella and the storyline...really funny and some scene very "gam dung"....

Ok..ok....the movie is in mandarine....but dun worry..those who are banana (like me) can still manage to understand the movie cos the good ppl who upload it to youtube also has sub it with english....YES!!!!! English Subtitles!!!!!!

and now...some description about the movie.....

Hana Kimi or Hanazakarino Kimitachihe is adapted from a Japanese manga (i heard it very well known), starring Ella from S.H.E. and Fahrenheit members Wu Zun and Jiro Wang. Ella stars as a young girl who admires a high-jump athlete (Wu Zun), so much so that she decides to return to Taiwan from the States. She even disguises as a male student to get admission to the ONLY boys' school where he studies.

Her plan works surprisingly well - she even becomes his roommate and best friend! Her disguise of course leads to many hilarious scenarios, making Hana Kimi an extremely entertaining romantic comedy to watch. all must be wondering...will her real identity be revealed in the end? Will he discover that his roommate, indeed is a "she", has been his secret admirer?

Oh yeah....the OST for this is also nice....

Again, AnDuLu gives thumbs up!!!



i watch it becoz of wu zhun.. shit i m so shallow.. hahaha


Cely, no doubt about it.

Bu me..cos of Ella. lol


this series damn stupid..the story not logic...well i'd watch till epidose 6 only, it was boring...wu chun really sux in acting and ella @#$^%^*x

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