Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Office (Part 1)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

This is where i work. The place where i spend 9 hours every weekdays. The place where i'll be else than home. My opis.

My room. This was taken somewhere Sept 2005.

Things went smoothly according to plans and everyday just pass as it should be.
Until this year, 2007 Valentines Day...14th February....well...sudahla i a bit sad cos at home alone....things just went worst when i get a call from my colleague around 7pm.

Bad news.....and i still tot it was a joke...till i drove down back to the office n see it with my own eyes...i really bukak my mata big big....

This is what i saw when i turn into the corner heading towards my office.

Almost all the staffs are back there. without thinkin much, we all ran into the office to save as much as we could....the Servers, accounts files, imprtant stuffs scary...full of smoke...

sigh.,,as u all can see..there is a bomba there...the 1st 1 to arrive after 1 hour. if they reach earlier...the office can be saved.

This is almost 8.30pm. with around 6 bomba but oni 3 were saving the office.

Sigh, the bomba n authorities took over of the place n we cant do anything ade. We can oni stand far away and watch everything burn down.

Well....we're all very down that time...the girls were in tears...there store boys also speechless.

We all can only watch it burn to ashes.


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