Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Perodua ViVa Review

Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Hello, dear readers. I’m Jesse, writer of this report on behalf my friend. To remain the creativity, nothing will be edited by the owner of this blog.

Time of the pictures: 2.15 am

He passed me this mission and I foolishly agree helping him. Guess that we both having a hard time coping with the bored and dull life.

Perodua VIVA test drive report.

I have the chance to test drive the new Perodua VIVA( Vulva for my own term) thanks to my close buddy working in Perodua Dealer XXXXXXX which the dealer name remain in privacy. I only have the chance to test drive the VIVA 660 CC manual when his manager was way for lunch. This is only a test drive report for the handling and the engine itself.

Gentleman, startooooo your engine, cranked it and here you go. Typical Perodua’s loud cranking start sound. Here I go. The car just went through 300 km for the mileage and I rev it like a mad cow. But isn’t that way to test a car? Yes it is, even the engineers in Ferrari factory do so before delivers the brand new Ferrari to its customers.

Ok, stop all the cock talking. It’s just a typical manual 660 CC engine from kancil but this time enhanced by the EFI and DVVT. It only has 35kw and 58 Nm of torque pulling 755 kg of the car itself. Barely survive. Even industrial torque’s air gun has higher rating than the car.

The engine has not run-in yet (an automotive term which means the girl is still virgin, so tight), but I will be the 1st person to take the virgin from the car due to my big massive strong ………..leg which control the throttle paddle. HEHE.

1st gear, it pulls like a boat engine, perhaps a mini boxer engine. It really sounds like one. But this time, it’s smoother compare to the old kancil engine. Why? Because it is using fuel injection, perhaps DVVT helps a little. The gear-shifting is smooth and way better than kancil.

I only manage to clock 120 km/h due to massive traffic during the daytime. Hopefully, my friend manages to drive it out at midnight for extensive testing purposes. Cornering stability is a little better or equally the same as Myvi due to its lower gravity as myvi is damn tall. Very unstable due to the 12 inch soft sidewall Sime tyres which famous for bulging (not in the crotch but on the tyres itself).

Zig-zagging in heavy traffic is fun with this small car. You can actually rem-it like a Mat Rempit. And I did make some advertisement for Perodua for the brand new VIVA.

Very bad for its handling but what to expect from a rm 28,000 car itself? By the way, I am comparing the handling with the new iswara. Nevertheless, it’s still a good car for the price for point to point transport better than riding a bike.

Wow, there were two guys with me at 2.15 am.

One hell of the new Perodua VULVA at rm 28000

The other color of VIVA

Myvi Is better at the end of the days.
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