Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Operasi Koyak Kereta

Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Good Morning.....rush rush rush to work...lol

Some interesting stuff had happened yesterday night when i went to look for my friend, Jesse for yumcha.

Reached Jesse's house

andulu : go where yumcha
Jesse : Anywhere lar, but make sure can cuci mata. so hot in the house.
andulu : ok lor!!! Go Pj Murni lor.

When just want to accelarate and release the clutch.....

Jesse : Wei...behind the lorong there..got 1 abandon car leh...wan to see?
andulu : What car lei geh? You sure or not...

Arrived at the lorong....quite dark...a bit scared oso

andulu : OMFG!!!! Koyakla this car.....lol
Jesse : yala....sumore i found out this car too late ade....nth left

all 4 set of wheels ...GONE!!!!
Windows all broke, the interior is a mess...the scene is just like a couple just had a WAR in it....Lol
Jesse : Wei..wei..the engine still here
andulu : Of cos la..how the tihef wan take the engine? so heavy.
Jesse : Bring lori can ade....
andulu : -.-"
Jesse : aiyar...battery also gone....
andulu : apoden, wait for u to take ar?

andulu : hei, looks like this car used by a student from UM...
Jesse : is it? is it? got name or not? girl ar? girl ar?
andulu : car sticker got name wan meh?
Jesse : alamak...just ask kenot meh.... Eh!!! the roadtax still valid....
andulu : errr...so? you want to use?
Jesse : Can use? if can..i take lor
andulu : -.-"
So, since the ar already koyak....both of us just go to on with our yumcha plan.
who wan car parts???? kekeke....Pls call Jesse at 012 - 873 2333 (100 lines)


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