Tuesday, May 15, 2007

PLAY by S.H.E (Album Review)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I first listened it from radio while driving....and decided to do some searchin.....

WOW!!!! it's already their 10th album!!! omg...that's shocking to me as i didn't knew they had so much albums. Ehniweiiiiiiii......

i definitely recommend their first few tracks....it's really good...

1. 中国话 (Zhong Guo Hua)

First track, and it's blended with this traditional culture + rapping. And the chorus is a mixture of pop/rock. it's not a bad starting track. This song makes me realise what a bad and lousy Chinese myself coz i can't seem to understand a word (well most of it) I'm a BANANA....,while this song sorta like...u know praise the goodness of Chinese Language itself. HAHA.... and the tongue twister lyrics here is pretty impressive.

2. 谢谢你的温柔 (Ft.Fahrenheit) (Xie Xie Ni De Wen Rou)

This is a cover right? I mean...i've heard this before, or at least the chorus is something from another song. But i like it, i mean, the original song. Either way this isn't a bad cover.

3.听袁惟仁弹吉他 (Ting Yuan Wei Ren Tan Ji Ta)

Another rapping track. Ella's rapping is really quite amazing here...i was like "wow..." when i heard this. Listen it..MUST!!!, this is one of the tracks one shouldn't miss.

4. 五月天(Wu Yue Tian)

Ballads. This reminds me of "Mayday" the band itself no matter what, but the song doesn't though. another good ballad, easy going track.

5.藉口(Jie Kou)

Another song reminds me of Jay Chou's??? Coz it's so freaking similar...and the rap!!! or is this another cover? forgive me coz i don't know how to read mandarin, even if i am chinese myself, but this track feels very Jayish...lol..yeah...Jayish


Ok.., this is a pretty bad attempt of some Western-ish song, you know like those hip-hop style. And at some point it reminds me of Namie Amuro's songs too...(it's not terrible entirely but...it's not a good enough attempt here) and the "boom boom boom" is annoying.

7.再别康桥 (Zai Bie Kang Qiao)

A Pop song. it's kinda bland...not one of their greatest song either.

8.伦敦大桥垮下来 (Lun Dui Da Qiao Kua Xia Lai)

I was like " What the hell" in the beginning coz they used the " mary had a little lamb, little lamb.." and maybe "london bridge is falling down..." tune OMG..it's a cutesy attempt on the original song...sorta fun yet makes u go.."WTF" all the way along.

9. 说你爱我 (Shuo Ni Ai Wo)

A typical chinese ballad. nothing special here.

10.好心情 Just Be Yourself (Hao Xin Qing Just Be Yourself)

Another easy going track, pop/rock, mid tempo, it's like a summer song if u know what i mean.

11.老婆 (Lao Po)

I kinda like the drums here.laidback song. i think it's a pretty good one to end the album.


I don't know how to rate this album. I like the first half, coz it's packed with strong promising tracks. Then the second half goes downhill for me, nothing attracts me maybe until the last track itself. I find that their attempt in rapping is actually really good. Especially Ella's in the 3rd track. Maybe they should stick to that genre for most part of the album and omit those tracks like Boom which is...not good. I mean, i's rather listen to them RAP than singing "boom boom boom". LOL....I like the rapping style in this album. good try.
Go Buy IT!!!!! support ORIGINAL!!!



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