Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Reborn of a "HERO" (By Jesse)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Andulu has being complaning his "country HERO car" lack of power since the 1st day he got his car.He endured for 4 years driving an under powered car before I finally force him to change the exhaust.

I'm too tired with his complaints and frowning everytime he drove up to Genting.He keep saying his car lack of power which makes him lack of skill.Guess now,he dont have any reason to deny that he is lack of driving skills.
This is the exhaust setup for his reborned HERO.Remove the catalyst converter,replaced the centre stock bullet with an aftermarket straight flow bullet,change the rear muffler to a bigger better stainless steel HKS imitation muffler from Wei Yip exhaust. 2 Inch piping was used for the car.All this setup just cost Rm 190 including a 100 plus bought while waiting for the car and a KFC lunch for 2.
This is the cheapest modification on cars to gain some performance. Initial testing has being made and roughly the car gained at least 5 hp. It is smoother and yet the power band output throughout every rpm increased. Extensive testing will be conduct for the following days. AnDuLu gave thumbs up for his new reborned HERO.

Jeng Jeng Jeng!!!!!!!!!!

this is the HERO...Lol.....Wira lor....what were u all thinking....

No more restriction of Power.

Centre bullet to reduce the exhaust noise. Yeah....shhhhhhhhhhh

Andulu has been driving with a Ekzos bocor all these while. No wonder no UMMPH la.......

With some good negotiation skills with some muka seposen, final price is Rm160 with a HKS imitation muffler included in the whole package.


i c e ' T

now everyone can fly..
i wan to test drive all the way to malacca okie..


i c e ' T

To Jesse,

do u hav a blog ?


Wow, nice eksos man, HKS?! Walaneh, i'm sure that you can clock 0-100 in 17s now.


no i dont.This is the blog u should come and read


wah ah beng number 1


damn bengish....sumore ur blog so ah beng..u dare to write?

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