Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Night b4 the Traditional Wedding Ceremony (Ken & Emily Wedding)

Sunday, May 27, 2007
Yesterday...i go to Emily house lor. cos i'm invited lor. akceli, go there to witness Emily hair kena sikat 3 times by her mom oni.

Neh....those ritual thingy la....
"Yat sor, sor tou mei"
"Yi sor, pak fat chai mei"
"Sam sor, yue suen mun dei"

The groom also does the same thing..but at his own night..they both are separated.

Still duno what is it? Ask ur mom or nenek la...they shud know.

Some of her ji mui'zzzzzzzz

Then there got makan makan, got fried rice, mee hoon goreng, satay, etc.
But...the most important stuff that night is...

any of u knows apa tu?

It's those famous Sai Tou Fishballs!!!!!

HAHAHA!!!! it's not fishballs;s akceli called "Tong Yuens" with peanuts in it. So nice wonder Emily die die oso wan me eat those.

Okla..thats the main event for yesterday night...

But hor, got a few weird stuffs happening there.

This girl keep trying to sell me Coke for 2 bucks.... Apalar!!! The coke can take free....
Then ini dua ji muiz pulak...mau ambik gambar...tapi...i ask them who first...they point i snap oni lah...kekekeke....kaotim.
Pssst : c the girl on the angry can....



actually jas is pointing her valentine's day swatch loh

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