Wednesday, May 9, 2007

It PAYS more to be Careful

Wednesday, May 9, 2007
I got a's the same girl that chat with me at my previous post.

This time is also about something that had happened and I personally think it's also with some "kestupidan" in it.

Well..she owes me some RM's....then i'm not going to meet up with her anytime soon...and she wants to pay me back so badly....and the only way now is Online Transaction.

So, i gave her my account numbers and she proceed with it.

Then after about 5 minutes....she told me she had already transferred the money and asked me to check for it. Well, i told it'll take around 2 working days to receive it. (The "kestupidan" part comes in)

Ice : Eh..i bank in the money for you ade. go check got or not.
Me : I'll check it after 2 days.
Ice : Huh? why 2 days...that RM1 so big meh....
Me : RM1???
Ice : Ya. i testing transfer RM1 first...cos owe u RMxxx.xx ma, so much...scare
leh. i wan to be careful ma.

Me : Wtf......u transferred RM1????
Ice : Yalor...but hor...the bank service charge me RM2.
Me : Wakakakkakakaka..........

( you all get it mou)???


ice ' T

becos of my "kestupidan".. all of u very likey me loh.. Muaahahahaah..

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