Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Msn got Bug?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Here i am, having another sleepless night....it's 4.15am now.

The mind is blank, eyes are tired and the head is drowsy....

Before i continue blabling about the shitty stuffs that you guys might not have interest to know.....let talk about Msn....which stands for Windows Live Messenger.

Are you one of the victims thats facing a problem of which you can't seem to send not even a single message to your friends in the list?

Your messenger list have your favourite friends online...but you can't message em. How would you feel?

Well....this phenomena started 2 days ago. In within the first 2 hours, i kept receiving messages, smses, even some friends called me asking whether is my Msn got problem. I'm also abit frustrated for what is happening. But i'm still considered lucky as i could still have conversations with some friends thru messenger.

Lol....then i have friends saying that they would DIE without Msn....Suddenly they don't have the meaning to get online anymore....

So "Khua Jeong" can.....Lol....

Are you a victim?


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