Saturday, May 19, 2007

Makan at Island Cafe, Kepong

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Ok...Went to this Island Cafe ( Opposite Kepong Jaya Jusco, those new shoplots) last night for late well as meeting up with some friends to chit chat abit...Lol....a long chat indeed....Chatted till 6am in the morning, and had our breakfast at Tuck Kee Dim sum before we head of home.

Ehneeewei.....this is what we had at Island Cafe....

my dose of caffeine.. Iced Mocha Latte...suprisingly good

Noodles....with Egg, sausage and a "kuhon"....Taste ok maggi mee lor...

Ice Lemong Tea....normal oni....

My friend ordered this Em Ji Mat Mat kai fan....kekeke....he say its good.

Ok la...i really am damn tired n blur staying awake due to some sleeping problems....

Sorry for the poor quality pictures as i took it with my handphone camera and with night mode on cos the cafe is rather dim.

Ja neh.....AnDuLu


i c e ' T

ei.. that mat mat kai fan.. kai so little 1.. sek meh oh ?

bil total how much ar ?

An Du Lu

The bill came out about Tax n servie charge

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