Monday, June 25, 2007

Adapting? Nah..just my Opinion.

Monday, June 25, 2007
Let me share my thoughts for today as i'm still in my "Kejiwangan tak terhingga" mood. Yes, am in the office, still cracking on my head for the proposal thats due tomorrow. OMG!!!!!

Growing up as a kid, I used to admire other people and would sometimes think about being like them. Have you ever want to be someone else? Ever thought that other persons stuffs are always better compared to ownself? I find it rather true but just be grateful with what we have shall we?

TV's, radios...yea...the morning crew, JJ & Rudy, movies really influenced me a lot in my likes and dislikes. Why do you think everynow and then, kids keep eating McDonalds and KFCs? Due to what reason?

ADVERTISING lah… That’s why I love this line cos thats what i do.

As years goes by, I grew and started liking more and more other things like girls for instance. Now this liking for girls never abated with age; somehow I get more and more interested in women as compared to my much kiddy days. I have been told that this is normal and though it is normal, I do have to control myself or else I’ll end up in jail or getting smack for hugging and touching every beautiful woman I meet at the clubs.

In high school and college, you’d have somebody you admire and at the movies, who doesn’t want to be like Richard Gere or Sean Connery??? But, often at times it’s not the look that we admire alone, it’s the personality, skills and mannerisms of a person that we admire and we may try to imitate them and be like them.

But the fact is each and everyone of us is unique and special in his or her own way.It’s our own uniqueness that makes us special and yet, not all of us realize this. Some of these characteristics may cause us to fit well with certain people and fall-out with others. Some people may appreciate us and some may not. Consequently, we feel at home with different people.

What are we?

The sum of all our experiences, our perception in life, our hopes and aspirations? If I were to sit down and document all the things in my life from birth till now; it will be a very long blog. Err, provided I remember all the things that I have gone through la.

Everyone wants to be loved and liked.Rite? Somehow, imitating a person and following his/her style of talking or behavior doesn’t seem right to me, as a way to get love or respect or just that little attention. I think to be respected and loved; first one must love themselves. By this, I think one should not be narcissistic but one should love oneself in that one should take care of oneself, live well, educate, develop and expand oneself in every areas of life. One should seek to be all that one can be in this life.

And you know, this doesn’t have to do with material wealth and status.It’s more to do with one’s inner self. Yes, the deep within you thingy. Having done this, when others look upon us and see the value one puts on oneself without deprecating others but complementing others in our love for oneself; they are automatically drawn to us.

Value in this life is based on many things. One of the most common means value is determined is through the individual opinion one or many persons has to for a particular object.

For example,
1. Has anyone ever asked for your opinion of anything?
2. Why do they ask your opinion on that matter, thing or object?
3. What will they do with the opinion?
4. Do they use your opinions to shape their own opinions?

Say, a movie like Fantastic 4 for instance?
1. Someone asked me if I liked the movie (I said it sucks)
2. They probably asked me on this because they are contemplating watching the movie?
3. If they trust my opinion, they may not want to see the movie?
4. I should think that their decision to see the movie may be affected by my comments(opinion)?

So coming back to ourselves.
1. If we have a good opinion of ourselves (love ourselves), when people notice, how do you think they will think of us?
2. If we have a low opinion of ourselves (don’t love ourselves), when people notice, how do you think they will think of us?
3. Do you think people who are thought of well by others are treated better or worse (generally)?
4. So ultimately, we shape our own destinies – what happens to us is what we have or have not done to ourselves or for ourselves.

Some of my kejiwangan thoughts here…hope u all un what i'm writing lah...


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